25 years of event photography began with a shoot at Dansarena studios in Ayr.  Modern technology has allowed weeks in the darkroom to become a thing of the past.

Your prints can now be made available immediately. You will have the option to view and select your print on the spot and take it home with you today. 

This innovative method of event photography does not reduce the quality of the print – Ron’s high standards and attention to detail always ensures you exceptional photographs.

Your event will be recorded in perfect detail to provide lasting memories for years to come.

Some of the events we cover

  1. Graduation Balls

  2. Secondary School Proms

  3. Christmas Parties

  4. Other Parties

  5. Wedding Receptions

Sporting Events include...

  1. Dancing shows

  2. Ice Skating Shows

  3. Gymnastics Competitions

  4. Karate Competitions

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries.


RON YOUNG | PHOTOGRAPHY is a professional photography company based in Troon, Scotland

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